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On the CD-ROM you will find two different parts of information:

  • one part for the teachers and educators with numerous additional facts, expert information and info maps completing the single chapters of the handbook, and with the entire handbook for printing
  • one part for the kids with two colourful and interactive Danube journeys. "Explore the Danube" is offering the possibility to explore the fauna in the Danube river basin, the world of legends and fairy tales and the variety of the cuisine. In "Follow the path of a waterdrop" a waterdrop describes his "experiences" traveling from the spring of the Danube in the Schwarzwald to its mouth into the Black Sea.
For use in class you can create your own CD-ROM. Just download the ISO-Image and burn it to a blank disc with your own CD burner. Please find general information about ISO Images on Wikipedia. Or order the CD-ROM as part of the Danube Box by submitting the online order form.