Danube Box Versions

Bringing people closer to the Danube

How to get closer to a river like the Danube which touches so many people and countries?

The idea of the Danube Box is to see a river and its basin as a unit and to consider all its important aspects, like ecology, culture, history and economy. Even though the Danube is the tie of 19 countries and more than 81 millions of people, each country tends to watch its national stretch of the river. With the Danube Box the International Commission of the Danube River (ICPDR) wants to move the integrating features of the Danube into the spotlight.

Awareness and appreciation

This idea of the Danube Box had been developed within the framework of the "Green Danube Partnership", which exists between The Coca-Cola Company, Coca-Cola Hellenic and the ICPDR since 2005. Its purpose was from the beginning to raise awareness for the ecological treasures of the Danube river basin, its economic values and its environmental problems.

Transboundary teaching materials for the Danube aiming to a holistic approach and integrating all important aspects of the international river did not exist until now. The Danube Box will contribute to raise awareness for its variety, but also for the common and unifying features of this valuable living space.

Solidarity and motivation for responsible beheaviour

The Danube Box motivates to get active for the protection of the Danube and the sustainable use of this valuable ressource, to preserve the diversity of the Danube river basin and to protect the Danube for future generations.

The educational kit is encouraging young people to come closer to the Danube and will contribute to a comprehensive "Danube-solidarity".