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The handbook is the core piece of the Danube Box. It consists of six chapters on the tool-box principle: you can use either one chapter on its one for your lesson, or deal with several in the desired order. Feel free to adapt all materials to the needs of your class or group. The order on the designed activities can be adjusted to your specific teaching situation.

The single chapters are divided in subchapters, each containing one to five teaching units. Each chapter consists of:
  • a brief introduction into the topic
  • an organisational section
  • detailed descriptions of activities (games, experiments, team work, outdoor project days)
  • specific background information
  • copyable worksheets
  • references to the additional experts information texts (also to find for downloading)
  • info maps and
  • Danube river basin poster
  • each chapter is closing with one or more “Danube Tales”.